ADC project is an excellent example of mobilizing public support for entrepreneurial cooperation in strategic productive sectors of Southeast Europe.

ADC goal is to go beyond the existing productive specialization among companies in the Adriatic, Danubian order:

  • to enhance trade in the Adriatic Sea and the Danube area,
  • to facilitate the connection to the global economy by making more efficient and productive skills identified by networking the relevant sectoral clusters
  • to enhance the effective integration in competitive transnational value chains
  • to reduce regional disparities by promoting the area’s attractiveness for ISD.

In addition, the purpose of the project is to increase knowledge on potential cross-border cooperation to make it better known and potential investors to provide greater visibility of SMEs in the region.

To achieve the objectives and obtaining the expected results, ADC undertake and implement these methods work:

  • identifying strategic transnational value chains, as veritable backbone of growth and attractiveness;
  • exploitation of existing productive complementarity to existing and emerging clusters;
  • establishing better relations between enterprises horizontal Adriatic-Danubian area;
  • creating a new dynamic partnership between actors dealing with the development of clusters in the territory;
  • improving the business environment through innovative ICT ecosystems (Digital Business Ecosystem);
  • strengthen marketing capabilities territorial attractiveness of Adriatic-Danubian area
  • stimulating innovation policy, vertical cross-company relationships, greater visibility and accessibility of local and regional production systems and create conditions for further growth in the economies of this region.

One tangible result of this project relates to the signing of protocols on the establishment of transnational four clusters, namely:

  • Transnational Cluster in the Agro-food Sector
  • Transnational Logistics Cluster in the Sector
  • Transnational Cluster in the Mechatronic District
  • Transnational Cluster in the Modern Housing Sector

Note: Electrotechnical regional cluster protocalele ETREC signed accession transnational clusters in the fields of logistics and mechatronics.

A very interesting case study on this project can be found by accessing the link: http://www.ipe.ro/rjef/rjef2_14/rjef2_2014p100-114.pdf