The “European Clusters and Regions Network for Innovation Eco-Plus” – ECREIN + started in January 2010 and is implemented by a consortium consisting of a total of 12 partners from 10 European countries;

Financing: INTERREG IVC Programme of the European Union

Co-financing: Ministry of Regional Development and Tourism and the Association of Municipalities of Romania;

Project duration: 36 months period running from 2010 to 2012;

Coordinator and initiator: Rhone-Alpes Regional Council in France.

Background: Network ECREIN was created in 2006 by six European regions: Rhone Alpes and Ile de France (France), Andalusia (Spain), Baden-Wurttemberg (Germany), Lombardia (Italy) and Malopolska (Poland) in order promote innovative financial instruments to support the actions of eco-innovation and SMEs, regions and benefited in 2006 and 2007 of financial support program ETAP (Environmental Technologies Action Plan). The 6 regions mentioned above were joined in 2010 the other six partners: Association of European Regions (AER), the Chamber of Commerce of the Region of Stara Zagora (Bulgaria), the Regional Government of Galicia (Spain), Regional Government Uppsala (Sweden) Chamber of Commerce in Coventry (UK) and AMR (Romania).

The main objective of the project: creating powerful tools for implementing and managing an effective regional public policies to support eco-innovation. During the project partners will share the experiences gained in terms of supporting SMEs and clusters involved in eco-innovation activities and will help shape strategies in this direction.