The main objective of the project ClusterPoliSEE is to strengthen the capacity of national and regional policies to confront, prevent and anticipate change, developing strategies for developing intelligence training clusters, thus accelerating the differentiation and structural changes towards a knowledge-based economy, in which they are recognized throughout all regions.

Leader project

The Marche Region Italy


23 partners spanning 11 different countries in the Programme area of the EEA (8 EU member States and 3 states IPA).

The partnership includes: Public Authorities National and Regional Institutions responsible for the development and implementation of policy clusters, Regional Development Agencies responsible for the Management of the Programs dedicated Clusters and Regional Innovation Strategies, National Institutes of Research and Universities, Bodies for the promotion of innovation and the Associates of the cluster

Romania is represented in this project, besides the RDA North-East, of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Business Environment–department of Industrial Policy and the Institute of Economic Forecasting Bucharest.


30 months, starting with the month of May 2012


The work plan is addressed in a manner matriceala in which 6 areas of development of clusters: the orientation towards innovation and research & development, sustainable development, international cooperation and networking, improving the financial framework (funding clusters), the specialization of clusters and regions, creating new skills and jobs, as well as the intersection with the horizontal themes of all phases of the operational of the project are used for:

  • identification of missing data and barriers, developing methods of removing them from learning
  • effective improvement of the development policies at regional clusters.

Therefore, implementation and evaluation of pilot actions will complement and exemplify the abstract prioritization, serving as a mechanism for benchmarking current and future initiatives.

The main results expected from the project are:

  • a model for the mechanism of reflective development policy
  • smart benchmarking methodology for specific policies Cluster – developed and tested through pilot actions
  • training package focused on S3 model (Smart Specialization Strategy)
  • weather reports exercises


Total Project Budget: 5.18 million euros, of which 3.81 million Euro is the contribution from the European Regional Development Fund and Euro 0.59 million from the Instrument for Pre-Accession (IPA).

The sponsor

Project financed by the European Commission in the framework of the Program the SEE.

Platform for learning

The platform for learning S3 PoliSEE Cluster is a collaborative system, the improvement of policies, which includes all the countries participating in the project, with the role to transform the SEE area in a laboratory accessible for innovation in the regional policy, including institutional matters, organizational, design and deployment, and to develop a competence center in the area of the SEE Agreement for interested parties in the cluster area to lead and test the advantages of specialization of intelligence as a guide for research and development and the policies of competitiveness.

The platform learning PoliSEE Cluster aims to improve the policies of the SEE Agreement for clusters by common learning, transfer of policies and exchange of information between the initiators of policies, exploring the added value of transnational cooperation. It is based on a system open web and interactive dedicated mutual learning through a database of information and common tools.

For further details you can see and the next link: http://www.adrnordest.ro/user/file/clusterpolisee/SEE%20CLUSTER%20POLICY%20LEARNING%20PLATFORM%20concept%201.pdf